Do you remember when we told you about that 24-hour emergency and specialty care veterinary hospital that would be opening in Brick?!

It is called NorthStar Vets and they JUST opened their doors.

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The new hospital on Route 70 was supposed to open in late-March but clearly, the pandemic got in the way of that.

This is a huge addition for Ocean County pet owners. The closest emergency care center besides the new addition in Brick is 45 minutes away which is a large chunk of time during an emergency.

“Pets eat chocolate, they can get hurt in an encounter with another animal,” said NorthStar marketing director, Phil Barnes. “You’re much more likely to say, ‘let’s get this checked out’ if it’s right down the road.”

But, of course, there will be safety precautions put into place.

NorthStar Vets will have a curbside check-in option that will be available and pet owners will have the option to stay in their car while their pet is cared for.

Starting the week of June 8th, one client at a time will be allowed to enter the building with their pet but the pet owner MUST be wearing a face mask. If you do not have a face mask, the hospital can provide you with one.

There will also be hand sanitizer stations in the lobby and social distancing policies that will be put into place throughout the medical center.

So glad to see business start to continue on as usual.

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For additional information on the original NorthStar Vet announcement on our website, CLICK HERE.

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