Is there anything better than the first hot dog or hamburger from the grill when the weather finally breaks? I know Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer, but the first hot dog has got to be a close second.

Diane and I were doing some work outside yesterday, soaking in the gorgeous weekend and I remembered I had bought this small grill over the winter. We hadn't gotten to clean the big grill in the backyard yet, and I didn't get new propane tanks yet, so the small grill was our only option.

We didn't pass up the opportunity. I pulled out the grill and went through the 7 step instruction manual to assemble it. (By the way, it would have been easier to clean the big grill and drive for the propane). But it was worth it when the hot dogs hit the grill.

I know the weather will go up and down for a while before summer settles in, but we have to take summer moments when we can get them right now. And we had some good ones this weekend.  


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