Derek Jeter has spent an entire career staying away from controversy and being a model employee for the New York Yankees, and now one "analyst" hints  that he wouldn't absolutely deny the possibility that Jeter might be taking performance enhancing drugs and the headlines begin.

Of course, Jeter is shrugging the whole thing off, saying this is the first time his name has ever come up in performance enhancing drugs discussions. I just think it's terrible that an an analyst can throw a specific name into the conversation without any evidence or proof. The analyst, Skip Bayless from ESPN, is notorious for saying things that grab headlines, and this time he really got what he wanted.

So many athletes have been involved in the "steroid era" controversy, it is fair to say that we wouldn't be surprised to hear almost any name. But Derek Jeter? Here's a guy who has conducted himself in a professional manner every day of his long, illustrious career, and if he were found to be associated with performance enhancing drugs, I would be really shocked...and I'm a Mets fan!

So I was wondering what you think about this.