Things have not been going well on the field for football's New York Giants this season. It seems things are going better off the field for one of the team's stars.

Jersey Shore Giants fan have had nothing but misery so far this season. After all, the team is 1-6 and their star receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. is probably out for the season due to injury.

But that hasn't stopped OBJ from making headlines. But the headlines have nothing to do with football. It seems that the Giants star is now dating singer Iggy Azalea.  It's pretty casual apparently, but it is official.

So, is the Giants pathetic performance on the field affecting Iggy Azalea the way it affects most Giants fans? Apparently, not at all. according to, she's not a football fan. Lucky her. Most of the time this season, I wish I wasn't a Giants fan either.

Arguably, the most talented player on the Giants, and among the best in the league, Beckham was first round draft pick by the Giants in 2014.

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