If you've ever been to the Outer Banks, you know that it has a lot of awesome similarities to the Jersey Shore (and yes, plenty of big differences -- obvi, we're better), and now we'll have one more thing tying the two together!

OBX is a very cool place, from the gorgeous beaches to the tiny wild horses to the spectacular beachfront mansions...but you know me, I'm a foodie!

Duck Donuts Middletown
Laurie Cataldo

Quite like my favorite Toms River donut shop, Duck Donuts makes warm, made-to-order bites of yum! The brand has expanded from OBX in North Carolina to a few places in Virginia...and now...to Jersey? It seems so very random and I'm totally good with it!

The franchise is headed to the Ventura Plaza on Rt. 35 North in Middletown, just north of New Monmouth Rd.

A sign on the building says the store will be open in Winter 2015, and I'm hoping that means it'll happen *just* in time to break my healthy New Year's Resolutions!

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