Every area of the country has town names that are kind of unusual, and some of them are really fun to hear about. But when one website came up with the oddest town name for New Jersey, their choice was an Ocean County town. The problem is, the name doesn't sound that odd to me, and I don't think it will sound odd to you either.

Some of these oddball town names across the country are pretty funny. Here are a few just as examples for your reading pleasure...There's Eek, Alaska, Goobertown, Arkansas, Normal, Illinois, and Waterproof, Louisiana just to name a few.

So, what do you think Cheapism chose an Ocean County town to be the oddball name that represents New Jersey. Here's the only problem. I can't think of an oddball name in the whole county.

I mean, there's Ship Bottom, and there's Little Egg Harbor, but neither of those is 'oddball'. So which one is. Wait until you hear this. The town name they chose as the oddball one is...wait for it...Brick.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Wait. Brick? We all know Brick is named after Joseph Brick, but even if it wasn't named after someone, what makes it so oddball?

Telling us we'd catch two green lights on Brick Blvd? Now, that would be odd. Or someone not parking crooked and taking up two spots in the Brick Plaza parking lot. Now, that would be odd as well.

But just the name Brick? There's nothing odd about it.

New Mexico has Truth or Consequence, and North Carolina has Bat Cave. There's Okay, in Oklahoma and Intercourse in Pennsylvania. And we have Brick. And we love Brick. We just don't think its 'oddball' in any way.

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