You may have seen Bob Ellis while walking the Jersey Shore boardwalks!

Our Emmy award-winning friend, executive producer Steve Rogers is at it again. He can always be counted on to find the most interesting people and stories about life at the Jersey Shore (and all around our great state) and turn these slices of life into great TV.

The name of his TV show is Here's The Story, and this month's episode is about a really cool Ocean Grove man named Bob Ellis who has this great personality and walks the boardwalks and streets of Asbury Park, Ocean Grove and Bradley Beach connecting with strangers simply to compliment them or express his interest in them.

But he takes that a step further...and holds dinner parties for these 'strangers' that he meets. And what started out as small supper gatherings in his home have turned into much larger dinners at places like local art galleries where close to a hundred people have shown up!

Steve Rogers (left) with Bob Ellis. (Photo from Liz Jeressi)
Steve Rogers (left) with Bob Ellis. (Photo from Liz Jeressi)

Bob sees all of this as a way to bring community members together to get to know each other. And with Bob in common as a new friend, you'll see on this episode how wonderful it is to meet so many new friends that live at the Jersey Shore as they come together because of Bob's invitation.

This edition of Here's The Story is funny and sweet and you don't want to miss the opening segment where children from around Monmouth County are asked about talking to strangers and making friends. It's an endearing look at some of the adorable little kids in our community and some of the innocent yet wise advice they have to offer.

"Here's The Story" airs on your local PBS/NJTV channel so check your listings. Then click on the channel listing for your provider because the channel numbers are different with different cable providers and with Fios.

Part 1 of this episode will air on Feb. 27th, Part 2 shortly after, and then both parts together at a later date.

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