I'm not freaking out, you're freaking out.  OK, we are all FREAKING OUT. There is not much to fear when Christmas is near, except this.

Did the Grinch dream this one up? That could be the only reasonable excuse for something like this. I know what you are probably thinking, I'm about to give you some Clark Griswold story of a family of squirrels living in a Christmas tree.  Not quite, but also not too far off.

First, let's just say this.  My husband and I argue every year over a real vs. fake Christmas tree.  He wants to pretend to be a lumberjack and cut down his own and I want to use our clean, safe, and convenient artificial tree.  I'm not just being lame guys, there is a sentimental factor to it too.  Kind of like bringing out the same ornaments year after year, I feel that way about our tree too.  The same tree has seen at least 18 of our family Christmas mornings and that gets me all warm and fuzzy inside.

Want to know that doesn't make me warm and fuzzy?  Learning that if you see this kind of brown clump in your real Christmas tree you should haul that sucker out of your living room STAT!

What you are looking at is not a pine cone or a part of the tree itself, it is actually an egg sack holding up to one thousand praying mantises!  Blahhhhhhhhhhhh!


I just threw up in my mouth a little.  Once they feel the heat of your warm fireplace or space heater they are ready to hatch and scatter throughout your home. I'm not built for even the idea of this.  Here is one from someone's tree from a few years ago.

One person commented online that they did not know what it was until is hatched and then they were everywhere.  I can't. I won't. This is another reason why my tree will be as fake as my hair extensions. Spread the word because if you see one of these suckers you must cut it out of your tree and throw it away far from your house.

There is not enough bug spray on Amazon to make me comfortable with this.

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