When we think of old schools in Ocean County, we can have a hard time coming up with ideas because for the most part all districts have fairly new schools and would not be considered old or “antique”.

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But when I do try to think hard some of the schools that pop into my mind are the Elizabeth V. Edwards School in Barnegat circa 1930. This school, which is now retired….was my elementary school when I moved to Southern Ocean County. I attended 4th grade at EVE school before switching to a new grade school in 5th grade. This school is definitely older and has even been the center of a ghost hunt as some feel this building is haunted. 👻

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Another is the Clara B Worth School in Berkeley Township which opened in 1963.  What other elementary schools can you think of that are over 50 years old here in Ocean County?


Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels

One that sticks out to me is the Tuckerton Elementary School, which was originally built in 1926, when it was the then “Tuckerton High School”. The school is now 95 years old and is home to almost 300 elementary school kids in Tuckerton Borough. Is this the OLDEST elementary school in Ocean County?

Let us know your elementary school memories, post your comments below 👇🏻

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