I am not even going to start this article off by saying hello because the fact that I even have to write about this is beyond me.

Did you see this story that happened right here in New Jersey very recently?

Seriously, you are going to get physical and even SPIT at a retail employee who is just trying to do their job while simultaneously protecting themselves and their loved ones that they are going home to??

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The worst part is: the duo had a face masks around their neck. If they moved it only a few inches, none of this would have ever happened.

I can't even.....C H I L D R E N!!!

And the most disturbing part is that this is far from the first story like it that I have seen hit headlines.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: We are still in the middle of a pandemic which means that a VIRUS, not a person, not politics, is in control of our actions.

If you choose to walk throughout society without a face mask....like a knucklehead....and are okay with putting yourself and your family at risk, that is on you.

But the second you enter an establishment, whether you like it or not, Governor Phil Murphy's rules -- which are backed by science -- go into affect.


And is it really that hard to understand?

If you happen to be an asymptomatic carrier of COVID-19, wearing a face mask can help to prevent the spread and protect everyone that you come into contact with.

So how dare you get violent because you are not getting your way. How dare you put your hands on another human being because they want to keep themselves safe while doing their job.


The entitlement is just disgusting and I hope that if you have been acting the way this couple did, you change your ways real quick.

This is not just about you and it never has been.

Remember that.

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