People like to rag on New Jersey, but let me tell you - we are some of the most loyal people you'll ever meet.

The level of loyalty here is completely unmatched. I've lived in different states and have had friends from all over the country (and no, I don't mean the tri-state area, NY also knows what's up when it comes to loyalty). And most of those friends who weren't from NJ, or the surrounding area, were not "ride or die" friends.

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They were flaky when it came to making plans - you know when people say "oh yeah, let's meet up" and then it never happens, they would let (what seemed like) a good friendship end over a small disagreement, and didn't have my back when the going got rough.

New Jersey friends would never. New Jersey friends know how to have your back when you need them, but also call you out when that's needed too. New Jersey friends are there whenever you need to talk. I sadly haven't been able to see a lot of my friends since the start of the pandemic, but we've made time for one another with group chats and Zoom calls. And when we do see each other, we pick up right from where we left off.

Let me tell you how loyal my New Jersey friends are. When I was annoyed that Pete Davidson was rumored to be dating Phoebe Dynevor (Daphne Bridgerton), my best friend Morgan said that she was removing Bridgerton from her Watch List. Is it irrational? Maybe. But it's loyal, not just any kind of loyal, NEW JERSEY LOYAL.

If you watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey, you DEFINITELY see that loyalty there too. A lot of people criticize Dolores for blindly supporting Teresa, but I see that as having her back. And we all know Dolores isn't one to sweep things under the rug - so I'm sure she's calling Teresa out on her issues in private because that's what friends do.

Do you see a difference in the loyalty of your friends from New Jersey and other places?

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