Did you ever wonder how the town you live in and love got it's name? Some of the stories are pretty interesting, so we decided to dig in.

We start our series on Monmouth County town names with the L's. In Monmouth County, there are three towns that start with the letter L. The are Little Silver, Loch Arbour and Long Branch.

We put our team of researchers (me) on the case and we learned a lot about Monmouth County Towns starting with "L".

We're lucky in Monmouth County because the rich history we have lends itself to some really amazing names stories. There are lots of town names with real historical stories surrounding them and we'll be digging into more origins of town names in the upcoming weeks.

Check out more about Little Silver at Kiddie.  Read more about Loch Arbour at New Jersey Shore.. And get some great town name info like that of Long Branch's at app.com.

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