This Brazilian baby came into the world and almost made history.  Mama Cleidine Santos deserves the best Mother’s Day present money can buy after carrying a 16-pound baby that was 2 feet tall at birth!  If you can believe it, we grew an even bigger one in New Jersey right in Toms River!

Baby Angerson and mom are both doing fine, except for the fact that they narrowly missed the world record for the biggest baby which was back in 2005 weighing in at 17 pounds!  Right at birth baby A needed to wear diapers and clothing for a 9-month-old!  Of course, he was delivered by C-section.  Here is Brazilian baby Angerson's BIG debut!  

Photo credit: Hospital Padre Colombo
Baby Angerson making his big debut Photo credit: Hospital Padre Colombo

I thought my belly was big with my daughters, one weighed 8lbs 9oz and the other 8lbs 11oz.  Look how big my belly was at only 7 months!  I can't imagine how she carried all that baby!

There was still almost three months to go here! Photo credit: Shannon Holly
There were still almost three months to go here! Photo credit: Shannon Holly

By the way, we had a New Jersey baby that almost broke the 17-pound record right here in our own backyard in Toms River. 

Kevin Robert Clark was born at Community Memorial Hospital and clocked in at 16lbs 6oz! That is the size of a 5-month-old straight out of the womb! OUCH!  Here is the video of him showing off as the biggest baby in New Jersey history.

I mean, was his mom pregnant longer than other people to grow that kind of kid?  Patricia Clark was featured in the New York Times back in 1983 when she gave birth and she said her baby boy was quite the load to carry at just 24 years old.

I have to say, giving birth to a big baby does help with them sleeping through the night. I always felt that their bellies were bigger so my girls were able to eat more food helping them sleep better. So, there's that. I love babies in any form. If you gave birth to a bruiser send us your pics!
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