The emotions revolving around Payless ShoeSource -- a chain known for their affordable shoes and accessories -- this past year have been down and up and down and now up again. .

First, we were told that Payless was going to be closing ALL their stores so we all mentally prepared to say goodbye. And good thing we did because Payless did close all 2,300 of their stores that were open in North America.

Then we were told that Payless may find a way to make a comeback but let's be real, it was too soon to actually let ourselves be happy.

Now the shoe chain announced that they plan on opening 500 standalone stores across North America over the next five years.

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And not only that....but they are making a comeback with a brand new name: Payless. Yea it wasn't as different as I was expecting either.

There is only one confirmed location for the upcoming, new Payless stores and that will be in Miami, Florida.

For now, no New Jersey stores have been confirmed just yet but they have to be coming because we had SO MANY Payless stores before they filed for bankruptcy.

It looks like now, all there is to do but wait until we hear more on those new Payless locations.

For now, take a look at the original article at

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