I do enjoy when we get feedback and response from you and you ask questions based on a story or article we are talking about. In this case, it was in regards to the new Starbucks being built in Toms River.

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So in our conversation about the first-ever "standalone" Starbucks for Toms River, Beverly responded to our Facebook past "If they ever get their act together here in Lacey, we could be the first standalone. Corner of Manchester Ave/Lacey Rd. Use to be a Wells Fargo. The race is on".

This comment led me to look into the location Beverly was talking about on Lacey Road. It appears the former Wells Fargo Branch is empty and listed with Pierson Commercial Real Estate from Marlboro. This may have changed, but at the last check, it was listed with Pierson. Would this section on Lacey be a good spot for a coffee house? If not a Starbucks, what business or franchise would you like to see move in?

Do You in Lacey Township want a "standalone" Starbucks? Would this be a perfect spot for a cafe or would you like to see something else occupy this location on Lacey Road at Manchester Avenue?

Beverly also said the "race is on" do you think this location will fill fast? or could this be a spot that sits for quite some time? Let us know what you think...post your comments at the end of this article at the bottom.


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