Local Summer is basically upon us at the Jersey Shore.

If you have experienced one before, you know the vibe is completely different.

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It is much less crowded, much more relaxed and is the perfect time for a personal reset after the chaos and crowds of Summer.

So you decide, "Why not? I deserve it."

But just as you start to browse the various hotel deals available at the shore....*SCREEEECCCHHHHH*....."What do we do about the dog?" pops into your head.


Bringing your dog with you on a trip to the Jersey Shore is more than possible. It is a whole different world down here....trust me from one dog owner to another.

So I decided to do some digging on BringFido.com to find out if there are any/where there are pet-friendly hotels at the Jersey Shore.

There are more than I expected and the list I put together doesn't even cover all of them.

So get ready to experience the beaches, the boardwalks, various restaurants and attractions with your pet because it really does bring things to the next level.

Plus, now you don't have to worry about getting a pet sitter.

Let's take a look at some of the best options at the Jersey Shore ranking from least bougie to most bougie....because let's face it, some pets or high maintenance!


Pet-Friendly Hotels At The Jersey Shore For A Fur-Filled Trip This Local Summer

Life relaxes at the Jersey Shore big time during local Summer and could be the perfect opportunity for the ENTIRE family to enjoy a quick vaca.

For other pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, activities and more at the Jersey Shore, visit BringFido.com.

No need to look further for pet-friendly restaurant options by the way:

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