We all have our daily struggles. I'll be the first one to admit I often don't stop and take time to appreciate how lucky I am. Ultimately the outcome of your life depends on how you deal with your struggles. Do you sitback and do nothing, or do you do what Sally Kalksma of Pine Beach is doing...staying positive, active and climbing The Empire State Building?

Sally Kalksma is a 49 year old mother of three who's battling multiple mylenoma, a form of cancer that targets bone marrow. She was diagnosed in 2008 and says staying active has kept her going through treatments and other hardships over the years. 6 months after Sally was diagnosed with cancer, her husband was diagnosed with melenoma and passed away 8 months later. Sally was now a single mom battling cancer, but would not let that keep her down.

Since late last year, Sally has been training for the Empire State Run-Up. This event is held by The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) in an effort to raise money for research and treatment. Training is crucial for this event, so she would use the stairs at her workplace in Toms River to practice. Before she knew it, she had cut her time in half. As recent as last week, Sally's been climbing the steps of the Ocean County Board of Elections building. Luckily Sally has a partner in crime. Sally's sister and Point Pleasant resident is her biggest supporter.

Sally will head to New York City Wednesday for the big event which includes a trek up 85 flights of stairs inside The Empire State Building. That's 1,576 steps by the way.  

Sally is a perfect example of someone who never gives up and makes the best out of not so great situations. I can confidently say that we, the Jersey Shore will be thinking of Sally not only on Wednesday for the Run-Up event, but as her journey continues back at home.

Listen to Matt's interview with Sally:

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