Pink has long been one of my favorite artists, mostly because I love her voice, but also because, well, I think she's badass, and I want to be her friend.

At a concert earlier this week, she showed just how awesome a person she is.

During her show Sunday night in Philadelphia, while singing her hit 'Who Knew,' Pink suddenly stopped the song.

Why? She noticed a girl crying in the crowd.

The girl was apparently surrounded by two women who were fighting. (Nice.)

Pink switched into 'Mom mode' to cheer up the girl. She picked up a stuffed frog and Rice Krispie treat that had been thrown onto the stage, and gave them to the little girl, telling her she was beautiful, and thanking her for coming to the show, all to cheers from the audience.

Pink, who is originally from the Philly area, also sort of joked around about how that area is notorious for its...err...rowdiness, saying, 'Alright, alright, I know, everyone's about to fight, I know, I'm from here...'

LOL. I have to say, at least people from Philly own it.

Props to Pink for making that little girl's night. I'm pretty sure little Willow has the coolest mom ever.

Do you think Pink did the right thing by stopping the show? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!