22-year-old Anthony Daniels has been fighting cancer since he was a teenager. It should have been a curable type of cancer...but nothing has worked. Now his family's greatest hope is to find a bone marrow donor.

The cure for blood cancer looks exactly like you. Be The Match is a registry that works to find marrow donors that could help save lives of those with leukemia, lymphoma, and other diseases. A marrow donor is urgently needed to save Anthony's life.

Anthony is a talented and hard-working college athlete, diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma. He has continued his studies while undergoing cancer treatments at Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC.

How can you help? Anyone ages 18-44 can register for a free, painless and easy swab of their inner cheek and possibly be a match for Anthony and save his life!

Kevin and Lori Daniels, Anthony's parents, are living every mom and dad's nightmare....finding out your beautiful child is sick. And even though Anthony is now 22 years old, he is still their little boy and they are doing all they can to find a match to save their son's life.

They are hosting a Bone Marrow Drive this Saturday, Dec. 21st, 2013, 10 am - 2 pm, at Ridgewood Village Hall, 131 North Maple Ave. in Ridgewood, NJ. If you are found to be a match, you will be contacted when Anthony is elegible to have the transplant. But if you can't make it to Ridegwood, read on to find out how easy it is to swab your cheek at home!

The donation process is pretty simple these days. No more painful drilling into bones or any other stories you may have heard about in the past. Now, the donor would get an injection of a special drug to mobilize the stem cells from their bones into their blood stream. The stem cells would then be collected from a vein in their arm similar to a blood donation. The very minor bone pain requires only a simple Tylenol or ibuprofen...that's how little it takes for you to help save a life.

Anthony is a 2009 high school graduate. He was a star player on his high school ice hockey team. He is the oldest son of Kevin and Lori, and has two younger brothers named Vincent and Michael.

Anthony is continuing to attend college even while undergoing treatments. He stays active with weight training and boxing while being a patient at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. He has a lot of life to live and he needs our help.

So help Anthony and the thousands of others who are in desparate need of a donor by clicking here to register to be a donor. In fact, you can get the swab kit sent directly to your home and simply swab the inside of your mouth and place the kit back in the mail.

Anthony and his family have been shaken to the core. This young man has faced his disease with courage, endured numerous chemo and radiation treatments,, and yet his cancer has returned now for the third time.

And, in case it's easier for you, you could even go for a swab at your local Red Cross or nearby hospital.

There is currently no known match for Anthony. That's why the more people that register and get swabbed...the better the chance of finding a match for Anthony and all the others on the registry that need your help. You could literally save a life!

His parents ask that you please join them in praying for Anthony and thank you for your support. Can you help spread the word?

If anyone has questions, you can call Kevin (201) 376-6324 or Lori Daniels (201) 315-8153, or reach them both at (201) 445-4503.

What could be more fulfilling this holiday season than becoming a Donor Angel to a person in need?



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