Earlier this week, I told you that Brick drew a hard line in the sand against cannabis dispensaries moving into town. According to Patch.com, it looks like the next town to take a stand is Point Pleasant Beach.  Keeping the actual dispensaries out of town is under strong consideration as long as they can ensure that delivery services are allowed for people over 21 to be used at their homes.

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Also taken into consideration is the fact that residents of Point Pleasant Beach will most likely not have to drive far if they did want to go buy products themselves.  Larger towns like Jackson are sure to have options available.  The final decision has not been made yet but these are the factors involved in the thought process.

Adults who want to use recreational marijuana in Brick Township will have to buy their cannabis in another town or use a delivery service since the Township Council introduced a new ordinance this week to ban all dispensary businesses in town.  This is of course is  creating jobs for the delivery companies which should help our local economy.  Anyone looking for a side hustle?

The legalization of adult recreational marijuana use, was approved by New Jersey voters this past November and now New Jersey has given towns 180 days to enact local ordinances governing those businesses. There are six classes of businesses under the state rules: cultivators, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers and delivery services.

It will be interesting to see the decisions unfold town by town.  I feel like these dispensaries will eventually become as interesting as a corner liquor store, but right now they're just  shiny objects.  What are your feelings on dispensaries coming into your town? Is it convenient or do you think it will lead to a negative outcome?  Email me your thoughts: Shannon@943thepoint.com
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