The first round of presidential debates last night were the perfect way to help us decide (with confidence) who to vote for next month.

Except, generally, these debates never accomplish that.

Mitt Romney and President Obama on stage during the debate
Mitt Romney and President Obama on stage during the debate (Rick Wilking-Pool, Getty Images)

I consider myself a moderate independent. I don't care about party affiliations or titles...I care about the actual issues and what a candidate plans to do in regards to them.

I don't want fancy words and doubletalk. Lay out a detailed plan, and how you will execute it.

I don't want fake smiles and I don't care if you are hanging out with Warren Buffett or Jay-Z. I want to know that the important things are being handled properly.

I am STILL undecided on who I will vote for next month. Why? Because for people who talk so much, they never SAY anything.

I don't care if you're pro-life or pro-choice...I care if you plan to make abortion illegal or not.

I don't care if you're for gay marriage or against it. Will you be making it unconstitutional?

You say you can create jobs? How. Don't just throw money at it or blame someone else, tell me HOW. Tell me specific regulations or tax changes you plan to implement.

Stop trying to win the popularity contest and let the people decide who is best for the job. Stop explaining why the other person is so wrong and tell me why YOU are right. (That goes for you too, Facebook soapbox-ers.)

Most people are saying Romney won the debate last night. That's fine...but I still don't know if he's the candidate worthy of my vote.

There are pros and cons to each candidate. What's an independent to do?

Do you know who you're voting for? Share your thoughts below!