As if prices at the grocery store aren't high enough, the U.S. Department of Agriculture is warning that it is about to get worse.The USDA announced yesterday that prices for some foods could rise as much as 5% between now and late Spring, due to the drought that is currently covering 60% of the country.

Beef prices are expected to rise about $.25 a pound, while the cost of a gallon of milk will average $3.84.

A family spending an average of $200 a week on groceries this year could expect to spend about $210-$215 a week in early 2013.

That's pretty significant when you think about an annual budget.

I've never been one for couponing (I always wind up forgetting to use the ones I have), but I might have to start -- it's just becoming unmanageable.

Obviously there is always inflation, and prices will always rise, but it seems like salaries aren't rising on par with the cost of living.

It's getting harder just to feed ourselves and our families.

I buy a lot of groceries just for myself, and often times I'll leave the store having spent $50 and feeling like I bought nothing with it.

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