Kirby Given's college Rugby team can't get back home due to the crisis. Here's how her mom, Kathy, wants your help:

kirby soccer shot

Kathy says her daughter and several college rugby teammates are stuck in Peru. They have closed all borders and canceled all flights in and out.

Kirby is a 2013 graduate of Point Pleasant Beach and a prominent student volleyball player in the tri-state area. She played college volleyball and is now a graduate assistant earning her Masters degree in Exercise Science at Salisbury University.

Kirby has volunteered her whole life (even winning volunteer awards) and is currently volunteering with cancer patients.

The Given family lived in Point Pleasant Beach for close to 20 years until Superstorm Sandy forced them to have to move.

Her mom, Kathy, who now lives in Toms River, is pleading with you to please contact your local Senators..specifically Bob Menendez. There are several HUNDRED students there in Lima and other parts of Peru.

There are other NJ girls stuck in Peru as well. Ten Rugby players had traveled there last week before all Hell broke loose.

Kathy says four girls got out on Monday for $2500 each. The airline police had assured Kirby that she would get out tomorrow (3/20) but then the borders closed.

As a mom, I can totally relate to the fear this mom has for her daughter. Sending you prayers!

I spoke with another mom from Point Beach who says her daughter was supposed to go on a trip to Costa Rica for her soccer team but thanks God that it was canceled in time. She, too, can't even imagine the devastation that Kathy, whom she knows, must be feeling right now.

Also on Twitter: #stuckinperu.

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