Make your choice -- sausage, bacon, or Taylor ham/pork roll?

TRICK QUESTION because now you do not have to choose!

QuickCheck has just released the ultimate Jersey Shore sandwich and it is called "The Boss." This breakfast delight has all three breakfast meats along with egg and cheese on an English muffin.

And even better -- it only costs $3.69!

We only have one thing that we have to say to QuickCheck: "God bless your soul."

The only downside is that maybe this sandwich should only be eaten on special occasions because it is 556 calories and has 33 grams of fat.

There is talk of the sandwich possibly being named after Bruce Springsteen but no word from QuickCheck to confirm or deny.

But WAIT...there is one more thing....

The breakfast sandwich topic almost forced QuickCheck to pick a side on the debate that has basically torn New Jersey apart -- it is pork roll, not Taylor ham. Knowing that, are you still going to try their new sandwich?

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