By now almost everyone has heard that Bruce Springsteen was arrested back in November for a DWI in Sandy Hook. This news was upsetting on many levels because you know, he’s The Boss and he’s ours. Not only that, bosses are in charge, we look up to them and they are supposed to be in control.  As I learn more about this though, it's not as clear-cut as I thought.

While I certainly don’t condone driving while intoxicated, more details are surfacing and I’m curious about what you think. According to the New York Post, Bruce was riding his motorcycle by a group of fans waving him down so to be friendly, he stopped to take photos with them.  One fan allegedly offered him a shot of tequila while he was sitting on his motorcycle and Bruce took him up on it. Once he drove off he got pulled over by park rangers. The fact that he was in a National Park at the time made matters worse because that's federal land and they threw the book at him. He was charged with a DWI, reckless driving, and consuming alcohol in a closed area (alcohol is prohibited in park grounds), and so it turns out that he will have to fight this in federal court as a result. Bruce cooperated with the rangers throughout the entire process.  I think it’s important to note that his blood alcohol was .02 and the legal limit is .08. However, in New Jersey, even if you are lower than the legal limit you can still get busted if the officer feels you are unable to drive well with the intake of alcohol that you’ve consumed.

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He's getting lots of fallout from this. For example, his recent Jeep commercial that he did for the big game got pulled. I’m curious what you think about this one and if you feel the punishment fits the crime. CLICK HERE for the full story with the new details from our sister station, NJ 101.5.  Email me and we may use your opinion on the show!

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