Unless you did your research, one would never realize just about many cultural references and everyday habits that actually have racist historical references.

I am happy to see that change to abolish these symbols is FINALLY happening.

And if you are one of those people that has consistently said, "The world is just too sensitive these days," I do have a rebuttal.

In years past, you know...when these racist historical references were created and became a part of our culture, there was a very small population whose voices were actually heard.

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But now that has since changed and the reason our culture has become so much more "sensitive" is because the people who have been silenced are finally able to speak up and say, "NO! THIS IS NOT OKAY."

Let's take a look because the only way to improve is to learn where we went wrong in the first place.

Change is upon us...

Take a look at the original article at APP.com.

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