Not only is ragweed season here, but this year it's even a little early. It has arrived a full week earlier than usual.

The news is not all bad for allergy sufferers though. The early arrival of the ragweed season doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be a bad season. As a matter of fact, there hasn't really been a "major ragweed season" in New Jersey in half a decade, according to

The reason for that is something called Pennsylvania smartweed. it's a weed that has actually taken over where many ragweed plants used to be. And Pennsylvania smartweed is non-allergenic, so that works out just fine.

However, if ragweed season means misery for you, this optimistic news may not mean much to you. To battle the effects of ragweed, experts say avoid being outdoors during morning and dusk, change and wash your clothes after being outside and keep those windows closed.

According to, the ragweed levels for Monmouth and Ocean Counties today is expected to be low.  Hopefully it stays that way.



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