When 10 year old Nicole realized she was the Breakwater Beach Bash grand prize winner and was headed to Tampa Bay to see One Direction, her reaction was priceless!

At first she wasn't sure she won, or maybe she was just completely shocked, so she had this happy but curious look on her face. When she found out for sure she was the winner, the tears of joy started and kept coming . Every time she caught her breath and stopped crying...she started all over again!

Nicole Breakwater Beach winner

It was a really cute moment that everybody at Breakwater Beach was talking about. And yes, we got it on video. It's a video you have to see! We're going to post it this afternoon during Matt Ryan's show. Make sure you check it out, it will make your day..it made mine!

Nicole with Matt Laurie Lou and Liz

Hear audio of our excited winner Nicole below:

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