We have seen an amazing temperature swing at the Jersey Shore this week. Welcome to New Jersey, right? But is the swing enough to break a record?

The weekend featured a pile of snow throughout Monmouth and Ocean Counties, and now in the middle of the very same week, we feature a day (Thursday) that could have a high of 60 degrees.

That amazing change and those unusual high temperatures are amazing, but are they enough to put us in the record books? We asked that question to our Meteorologist Dan Zarrow.

Dan researched it for us and here's what he found out. Odds are today's 50-55 won't reach record levels, but the record for January 12th is 62 degrees, and Dan thinks we'll be right around 60, so a record could be set tomorrow (Thursday).

You can stay up to date with everything you need to know about New Jersey weather with Dan Zarrow's weather blogs.


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