Quarantine birthday parades might be a thing of the past but I think the one my parents had for me ranks among having the largest crowd!! EASILY THE BIGGEST CROWD ANYONE HAS HAD DURING THE PANDEMIC!! MAYBE TWO THOUSAND PEOPLE??


Okay... maybe this was far from a record-setter but it was fun acting out in a comedy with my parents. Quarantine birthdays are not ideal but it's important to laugh and live to the fullest when living in a unique time. Making fun videos, eating stuffed shells and enjoying Entenmann's marshmallow cake was the perfect way to spend my 26th birthday. Yes... every year my birthday cake is an Entenmann's marshmallow cake you can get at your local Quick-Check. SOOOO TASTY AND UNDERRATED, CAN I GET A GLASS OF MILK PLEASE?!?!

I also believe the quarantine lockdown has brought me closer with friends and family. Whether its playing over two hundred games of dominos with my parents or just having driveway drinks with my close buddies, the sit-back and wait mentality might seem boring but it does make you appreciate the little things.

We might continue to face challenges throughout 2020 but if we still work together as a community, birthdays and other special events will have normalcy once again. Stay healthy and make sure to download the 94.3 The Point App to stay up to date with the latest Corona-Virus news!

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