It looks like the party could be over for the town of Red Bank.

You could take this piece of news as a bad or good thing depending.

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Under this new proposal, the town of Red Bank would not ban short-term rentals but just add some stricter rules for who can host.

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According to, "the Red Bank Borough Council is proposing to limit where short-term rentals could be located."

Apparently, there have been quite a few disturbances as a result of Airbnb rentals and other short term rentals. The town is looking to address the problem.

“It’s noteworthy that these short-term rentals are severely impacting our residential neighborhoods, to the detriment of the peaceful enjoyment of a lot of our residents,” said Councilman Michael Ballard according to

Short-term rentals would only be allowed in downtown Red Bank and along Newman Springs Road - aka, the busiest commercial area of the town with the most businesses.

It makes sense....sort of....

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Google Maps

Airbnb rentals are only available where there is housing, according to Mayor Pasquale Menna via, so this could mess with a lot of people's income.

There is already some back and forth on whether or not this rule would actually benefit the town.

What about residents who own private property and rely on short-term rentals to make ends meet?

What about homeowners who regularly rent out a room or basement?

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Google Maps

This could get messy. If I were an Airbnb host outside of these zones, I'd be pissed.

Maybe property owners who want to continue to use their home as a short term rental can apply for an individual permit so they can continue to use their space as they desire.

I personally never thought of Red Bank as a big tourist, party town so I am surprised to hear this type of rule is even being considered.

What in the heck happened? Any idea?

If you are in the know, can you shoot me an email:

We'll have updates on this rule change in Red Bank once decisions are made and announced to the public.

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