We are so fortunate to be surrounded by a lot of awesome history here in the Monmouth and Ocean County areas and now we have discovered that one of our most beloved towns has been named the most charming town in the entire state, and while many of our great towns fit the bill, we are glad this town got the nod. See if you agree.

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What was the first name that came to your mind when the words "most charming historic town" were uttered. I immediately thought Spring Lake, Manasquan, Point Pleasant and Asbury Park.

But when I heard the name of the town that the national publication Love Exploring chose, I immediately nodded in agreement. They have given the nice honor to our beautiful town of Red Bank, and that's a great call.

The article mentions some of the town's amazing history, but I definitely want to add a few pieces of amazing history in the heart of the town that really stands out to me. How about the Molly Pitcher Inn and the Basie Center for the Arts as great examples of amazing history?

(photo: Google Street View)
(photo: Google Street View)

The Molly Pitcher is quickly coming up on its 100th anniversary and is just a gorgeous Red Bank gem. It's home to one of the most picturesque views you'll find right there on the edge of the Navesink.

And then of course there is the Basie Center for the Arts, opened in 1926 as the Reade's Carlton Theatre. The history is amazing. Those walls have seen everything from Vaudeville to Bruce to Count Basie himself.

And it's a personal favorite of mine since Shannon & I had the honor of announcing our new morning show from its legendary stage. What an honor!

Lou & Shannon at The Basie
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There are a hundred other reasons why Red Bank is a great choice as the state's most charming historic town. Go find out for yourself and make a visit to Red Bank soon, and support our great local businesses.

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