Who doesn't love cupcakes? Perfect portion-controlled wonders of cakey deliciousness...now complete with a glass of wine!

That's right...forget about red velvet cupcakes, a local Jersey Shore bakery is serving up red wine cupcakes!

red wine cupcakes

I've had lots of treats from this place, and when I saw their photo of these delights, my eyes lit up. (See more of their yummy photos HERE.)

I'll be honest, I haven't tried the red wine cupcakes, so I can't say if they taste as good as they look (and sound) but...it's wine and cake, how bad could it be??

They look so perfect for Valentine's Day too! (Did you hear that, Duzzy?)

On a related note, I've heard another of my favorite cupcakeries makes pink champagne cupcakes...yum!

Yet another reason why life is so fabulously sweet at the Jersey Shore!

What do you think of red wine or champagne cupcakes? Tell us in the comment section below!

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