Finding a place to live in New Jersey is tough.

Finding a place to live in New Jersey on a limited budget is even tougher.

But finding a place to live in New Jersey that is exactly what you are looking for is impossible.

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We've all seen rental postings like this one and there are some typical things to expect.

You know....price of the rent, number of bedrooms and bathrooms and photos of the place itself.

But I recently came across a rental posting that was.....a little different and is 10000% what landlords actually want to say to possible renters.

This specific renters post -- which I will show you in a second -- catches your attention with the extremely low rent price but ...there's a catch.

Once you read the details, you realize that basically no one would qualify....or no one I know at least.

Would you?

"No Dogs" (I'm out....look at this adorable chicken nugget)


"No Students" (Uhh...this is a large portion of people renting, no? Pardon us for getting an education!!!!)

College students sitting in a classroom - Photo by Sam Balye on Unsplash
College students sitting in a classroom - Photo by Sam Balye on Unsplash

"No Parties" (Pshhh....I am paying rent, I do what I want! PS: You're not invited)

Group of friends partying in a nightclub

"No Animals" (I'm out again)

Animal Sanctuary Needs £200,000 To Avoid Closure
Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

And then this one is the real kicker: "No young unmarried couples who are just going to fight and break up then leave a mess." (Sheesh....judgmental much? PS: Dating is messy if you haven't noticed) 

Scott Griessel
Scott Griessel

Crazy, right?

It's like the goal for this post is to keep this house vacant.

It's funny I say that because....

No, this post isn't real.

Hopefully you figured that out before you reached the landlord's final demand:

"No NOTHING! Matter of fact I don't event want to rent it anymore. All y'all can go to hell!"

I'm convinced if it weren't for the financial gain, I bet a lot of property owners would avoid renting to others all together.

But if you were ever wondering what landlords and property owners in New Jersey really wanted to say, I guess now we know.

Or do we?

I am going to make some educated guesses on what else landlords would say...if they could that is....

If New Jersey Rental Ads Were Actually Truthful

Good luck out there.

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