Do you remember those legendary restaurants that probably shaped your childhood, teens, or even young adulthood? Well how many of those down at the Jersey Shore are still standing?

Well before the near year hits, what do you say we take a stroll down memory lane of the favorites that once were...

Old Time Tavern
Once located on the intersection of Routes 9 and 37 in Toms River, this spot was great for celebrations. The building even contained a piece of The Ocean House, an 18th-century hotel that was in the area! But in 2008, it met its demise!

Dover Diner
Also torn down in 2008 due to the widening of Route 9, this Toms River spot is memorable for the family-oriented environment and hilarious sign that read, "Eat here- or we'll both starve!"

Winkelmann's Restaurant
Hermann Winkelmann came to the U.S.A. from Germany and opened up a butcher shop, a liquor store, and then the memorable Winkelmann's Restaurant which was located in a grand space in Lakewood and even had its own version of a German clock tower with figurines included! However, the bank that gave Winkelmann the loan was seized back in the early 1990's which then forced the restaurant to close.

Circus Drive-In
Just recently closed, this drive-in located in Wall was known for the classics -- hamburgers, hotdogs, and milkshakes. Plus, don't forget about that smiling clown that overlooks Route 35. This joint was just recently shut down and unfortunately the new owner, who has not been disclosed, does not plan to continue to run this place as a restaurant.

Steak & Ale
After its parent company went bankrupt, all locations -- including the one in Middletown -- shut down nearly a decade ago. Most well-known for the make-your-own salad bar while the waiters placed your order, this chain just may be making a comeback with its first location reopening in the Cancun.

Remember those memorable bacon cheese fries next to a pile of pancakes? A rather odd combination but it definitely worked. The Brick location closed back in 2011 and now there are no Denny's to speak of in Monmouth County.

Did I miss any? Comment below!

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