Valentine's Day is exactly one week away and the age old question of what girls want for Valentine's Day resurfaces. According to an report on a recent suvey, men are way off base on what their girl wants for a Valentines gift. Shocking, right?

The survey, conducted by the dating service It's Just Lunch, 43% of men think the best gft is a bouquet of flowers, while two in five women say they want a gift certificate for an activity the couple can do together. And by the way, less than 6% of the women had chocolate on their list, and less than 2% would like lingerie.

When it comes to dating, over 83% of women said they would accept a Valentine's date request, including 70%, who would be willing to go on a blind date. So who should plan the date? 54% of those surveyed said it should be planned together.

I know that most girls are happy with whatever their man gets them, as long as there's a little effort put into it, but I'm sure a lot of guys make a wrong turn or two when Valentine's Day shopping!

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