This time of year is full of spooky stories about haunted houses, and lists of the most haunted houses and spooky places.

Another list has been published by, and they list the spookiest place in each state. So, if you're into that sort of thing, then it may interest you to find out just how close you are to New Jersey's spookiest place.

The answer to that is you're about 100 miles from it, and anybody whose ever been on the Garden State Parkway might venture a guess that we'd be placing that spot squarely in Cape May.

And you'd be right. So which place gets the title of spookiest in the Garden State? That honor belongs to a place called the Emlen Physick Estate, which dates back to 1879. The estate is reportedly still home to many of it's former residents, including the dog.

Here's a list of some of the people reportedly still "living" at th Physick Estate...

Dr. Physick's Aunt Emilie. (died in 1935)

Dr. Physick's Aunt Bella (died in 1883).

Dr, Physick's dogs.

You can get some great details about the Physick Estate at

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