There are reports out this morning that say Richie Sambora may be rejoining Bon Jovi, at least that's what he has reportedly said.

According to a TMZ report, Sambora has proclaimed that he will be back with Bon Jovi, after departing from the band for what is still an unconfirmed reason. Sambora says it was over money, but other reports have placed the blame on Sambora's drinking problem, according to the TMZ story.

Bon Jovi fans have been trying to figure out what happened since the departure with rumors ranging from a feud between the two to personal issues, and of course, we may never know the real issue or issues.

Regardless of the reason, many Bon Jovi fans can't wait for the two to be back together and work it out, and those fans are hoping the potential reunion is sooner, rather than later.


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