Driving around New Jersey, have you ever noticed those black rubber tubes stretching across the street?

Sometimes they sneak up on you because they blend in, but you definitely feel the thump while driving over them.

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Over the years, I've seen them on various roads while traveling throughout the state, but why are they there? What are they used for?

I've always assumed they were there to count the number of cars on the road, but I never really researched it to find out for sure until now.    

Although that is true, it turns out they do so much more.

The data collected provides very useful and important information, helping with different road projects in New Jersey among other things.

Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities
Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities

What are those black tubes in the road?

According to Sussex County New Jersey, the Division of Engineering's Traffic Data Page, some of the information the rubber tubes collect include:

  • Average Daily Traffic
  • Speed Data
  • Vehicle Classification
  • Turning Movements
Tennessee Department of Transportation
Tennessee Department of Transportation

What is the information from the rubber hoses in the road used for?

  • Applying minimum allowable design standards for road and bridge projects.
  • Determining optimal traffic signal timing sequences.
  • Monitoring local trends.
  • This information will play a part when establishing applicable speed zones.
  • Supportive information used in collaboration with other engineering data when applying for North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority for federally funded transportation programs.
Arizona Department of Transportation
Arizona Department of Transportation

It's pretty amazing how much information they provide.

Now you know the next time you drive over those hoses all the important information they provide.

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