If you've been debating whether or not take a leap of faith and open your heart and home to a fur baby, there's one gorgeous girl that'd be really grateful if you did.

Pay special attention to the above statement if you happen to reside in the Philadelphia or South Jersey regions. The story we're about to share with you is absolutely heartbreaking.

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It's no secret that overcrowded shelters usually means innocent animals are sometimes euthanized to make room.. It's a terrifying reality to even have to comprehend. Regardless of your feelings about it, that's what happens. That's why we want to get the word out about this precious angel who unfortunately was returned to the shelter only eleven months after being adopted.

According to People.com, an adorable dog named Tic Tac was adopted in June of 2022, but has been returned to the shelter. Apparently, she got into a fight with the dog that was in the home before her, & the family had to make a decision regarding which dog was to remain with them. Tic Tac lost out and is now back at the Voorhees Animal Shelter in Camden County, New Jersey. She took it pretty hard and was a bit discombobulated upon her arrival back at the shelter.

This is what I LOVE about there Voorhees Animal Shelter. Their motto is "once a VAO animal, always a VAO animal." I adopted my dog Mia from the Voorhees Animal Orphanage. She's my special girl, my pup, my fur daughter, and I love her to pieces. I'm hoping for the same outcome for Tic Tac. She's a beautiful dog that's looking for love from her forever family. Could it be you?

Find out more about Tic Tac at the Voorhees Animal Orphanage HERE.

Source: People.com

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