So I tried something kind of out of my comfort zone over the weekend.

My friend, Gillian, who I have known since middle school came down for a major, much needed reunion.

I took her to explore the island a bit and along our journey, we discovered Salted Gems in Lavallette.

This place has an array of seashells, home décor, crystals, silver jewelry and gems that are geared to help with different things.

Some are supposed to get rid of the negative energies, some help with inspiration and healing and others with forgiveness just to name a few examples.

When Gillian shrieked, "Can we go??" I decided to give this shop a try because I have never been one to get into the whole crystals and gems type deal.

But it was actually pretty cool.

If you are looking for top-notch material, it is not the cheapest thing but Gillian and I came up with a creative activity.

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In the back of the store, we found White Calcite rocks that were "split your own."

Here's how the rock looked at the start:


So a quick note: Calcite is meant for cleansing purposes. This rock is supposed to put vibes out to gear you up for new beginnings and I think we could all use a new beginning after this past year.

We got one pretty large rock for just $15.00.

So we took the rock home, and got to work.

All you need to split this rock is a mallet or a pan. It really is not AS heavy duty as you would think. I used a hammer that is usually used to crack open crab and what not.

[video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video]

The woman who checked us out suggested that we put the rock in a bag so we don't lose any parts of the rock when it breaks because it will obviously not be a clean split down the middle.

Once we broke it apart, we each took portions of the rock for our respective households.


I know....we are such girls. But we each have a part of the rock which signifies a new beginning in our friendship because there were some pretty big hurdles that we had to jump over to reach this point. Trust got messy.

She has half. I have half. Yes, we are adorable.



I would suggest you take a look at this place because it could be the perfect activity for you and a friend, a family member or even a romantic partner. (And it won't hurt your wallet)

Give Salted Gems guys a try...I would strongly recommend it.

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