The Schoolhouse Road Bridge Construction in Neptune/Wall has led to congestion in other areas as detours continue. I took this photo recently so you can see how far along it is.

I went for a hike in Shark River Park last week and realized that one of the marked paths brings you through the woods right past the bridge construction.

Doesn't look to me like it will be wrapped up in June, but who am I to say? We did have some super crazy winter weather that may have hampered progress.


(Photo by Liz Jeressi)
(Photo by Liz Jeressi)

What I DO know is that any kind of construction can send drivers over the edge when it changes the route they when you hear of a project coming that is supposed to take a half a year or can get a little frustrating to wonder whether it's going to stay on schedule.

I totally get that this bridge needed replacing, and that there is never a good time to close a road for construction, but some of the intersections and added traffic through Neptune and Wall have led me to some really stressed out moments!

Monmouth County Freeholder Tom Arnone will be providing us with an update on the project so look for new info on Monday!

Have you seen problems around the area due to this project?



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