One scientist believes men are headed for the endangered species list, and the process has already started.

angry woman
metanotherfrog, Flickr

It looks like Mother Nature is taking the battle of the sexes seriously. A world without men. Think about it for a second. That could be the future according to Professor Jenny Graves, an evolutionary geneticist and one of Australia's most influential scientists.

Professor Graves believes that the Y sex chromosome is to blame for the demise of men. Just a quick biology refresher, women are XX and men are XY. Back in the day, the Y chromosome had just as many genes as the X, but over time (we're talking hundred of millions of years) it has deteriorated, leaving modern man with less than 100 genes that Graves describes as mostly "junk." Yikes!

There is some light at the end of the tunnel for us guys though. She estimates it will take around 5 million years for the Y chromosome to disappear entirely, so we aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Graves also believes that when the Y is history another chromosome will take its place, which could create a new species of human.

So enjoy your victory ladies, in 5 million years you could be living with a whole new species that forgets to put the seat down.

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