In December, unfortunately, we found out about the closing of Clancy's Tavern. Brothers, Ed and Kevin Kelly ran the restaurant together for nearly 20 years. The bar in Neptune was well known and I definitely miss stopping there for a tasty meal. Luckily, we still can support the same owners at Kelly's Tavern in Neptune City!

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With that, I was recently driving into Asbury Park and I finally realized the Clancy's Tavern shamrock was no longer on the front of the building. Instead, it was a logo of a blue crab and where it used to say "Clancy's Tavern", it now says,  "Sea Crab - Seafood Bar & Boil". I immediately pulled into the parking lot, took some pictures, and did some research. Here's what I know...

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Ed & Kevin Kelly sold the restaurant and liquor licenses to Crab Tales 66 - This less than a year old Neptune restaurant specializes in Southern-style seafood boils. They are located at 3548 NJ-66 in Neptune. The reviews are very solid and I think it's a place you should definitely try if you have the chance to. Keep in mind, it's the same owners but different restaurant names. You have Crab Tales 66 (the restaurant that is already open) and Sea Crab (The restaurant at Clancy's Tavern Location).

Soooo what about the Sea Crab?

To be honest, it seems like things are in limbo. The last time the Sea Crab Facebook page posted anything was back in January. I've read reports about them possibly opening sometime in the summer but from the looks of it, things are moving very slow. Crab Tales 66, the restaurant that is already open, recently posted on their Facebook page:

Like many restaurants out there, we are understaffed. If you or someone you know are looking for a summer or side job, please visit us in person at 3548 Rt-66, Neptune NJ, or talk to us via email at to learn more about joining us.

Clearly, if they are having a hard time getting people to work at the restaurant that is open, it's probably difficult to open a whole new location. I'm not saying it won't happen, it might have to happen after the summer? That's just my opinion. Getting in contact with Sea Crab has been difficult...

I'm rooting for this place and I think it would be a tremendous addition to Neptune! If you have an update, COMMENT & SHARE - locals would love to know. - Jimmy G

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