Heads up Seaside Heights because if you don't listen to the town's newest rule, it could really cost you.

In order to clean up Seaside's image, businesses must place their garbage in trash cans as opposed to garbage bags.

"Dogs get at them, cats get at them, seagulls get at them," said Mayor Anthony Vaz. "It's to keep the streets looking nice, keep the streets looking neat."

This rule officially takes affect IMMEDIATELY but Vaz did say that there would be a short grace period before issuing summons so companies have the chance to change their procedures. Even after, offenders would at first be issued warnings.

However, fines do severely escalate with the initial violation costing $100 and each following offense costing $1,000.

NOTE: If a business has a private company that empty their dumpsters, they will not be affected by this law.

Check out the original article at NJ.com.

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