What started off as a kind of joke from Silverton's Tom Charles, snowballed into a very real event (pun intended.) The Silverton section of Toms River came together for an epic battle. North vs. south. Who took the title?

With nearly two feet of snow in the area, nobody was going anywhere all weekend. Due to the fact that Saturday was, as Tom Charles would put it, "snowmageddon," the snowball fight went down Sunday afternoon at Silverton Park. The dividing line between north and south was Oak Hill Drive. There were over 70 participants with many from the neighborhood watching the action.

The best part of this entire event is the sense of community. Everyone came together in a short amount of time for a great time. A big thanks to Tom Charles, Christina Gregus-Bowker and Eva Marie and Jimmy Mura for the pictures. Other communities should use this as an example. 

Congrats to Silverton South for winning the battle. Check out the action in our gallery!

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