Attention fellow science nerds, get ready to look skyward tonight and get a glimpse of the International Space Station (ISS) flying over the Jersey Shore!

If the weather cooperates tonight, (it's not looking great, with some clouds and a possible shower in the forecast, but I'm hopeful!) we should all be able to spot the ISS.

It's the third brightest object in the sky after the sun and moon, and looks like a fast moving plane. Considering people are living and working on this thing as it flies through space, it'd pretty cool to check it out.

NASA will even send you a text alert telling you when to look up to see it.

We'll have a 4-minute window starting at 9:37 p.m. where it will be visible. Depending on where you are, it will be between 65-75° above the horizon. (90° would be straight up.) It will come from the west-southwest, heading northeast.

For your specific sighting location, click HERE.

To sign up for e-mail/text alerts from NASA telling you when to look up, click HERE.

I love this kind of stuff, and it's something fun for kids to check out too, so let's hope the clouds clear up for this! Happy sky-watching!

(h/t Patch)

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