I want to start off this post by saying that my heart goes out to all of you who have been negatively impacted by Ida.

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It is the season for hurricanes but I was shocked to hear that tornado warnings have also become a common occurrence at the Jersey Shore this time of year.

Like....what? What did we do?

I think we all have learned that these natural storms can easily transform into natural disasters....but in case if you don't believe me, well that is why I am sharing the video below with you.

I found this video on TikTok and the guy's username is @17_skynet.

The video is being recorded by a man out in Mullica, New Jersey and it shows an oncoming tornado getting extremely close to his home....but it was the neighboring $1 million dollar mansion that really took a beating.

And it wasn't just a beating....it got torn to shreds.

My heart was pounding the first time I saw this video and I think all of us who have any chance of experiencing this should see it.


@17_skynetMullica Hill NJ, Million Dollar Home destroyed in Seconds. WITNESS IT HERE ##tornado##twister##southjersey##storm##fypシ##viral##weatherchannel♬ original sound - Alan Fleming III

I want to highlight something.

His neighbor's house was destroyed in a MATTER OF SECONDS and the total damage inflicted is only seen on camera for a few moments.

The guy who recorded this video also came up to his own house that looked pretty banged up with damage. Again....all from that tornado being within a few hundred feet for no more than a few seconds.

But THAT is how long it could take for a natural disaster to destroy you, your family, your pets and other loved ones.

I am just trying to make you aware that these storms have a frightening amount of power behind them.

Leave your valuables. Leave your house. Leave any spare cars.

Those things can be replaced just like the house that was destroyed in this video.

You, however, cannot.

So now...share this crazy video with whoever you think needs to see this because WOW...

And that is all I have to say about that.

Stay safe everyone.

You can see the original video on TikTok HERE.

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