So yesterday, I stopped at a grocery store on the way home from work...nothing out of the ordinary.

But while shopping, something caught my eye.

You know those Segway scooters?

If you are not familiar, it is the type of scooter you see in the photo above.

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Well I saw a guy who was riding one of these throughout the parking lot...again, no big deal as long as he wasn't dodging in and out of traffic.

But then I saw that same guy riding his Segway scooter while inside the grocery store...pushing a cart and food shopping.

I only crossed paths with this scooter guy for a minute or two while inside the store so I don't know if management ever called him out for it.

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But isn't this dangerous? Isn't this a lawsuit waiting to happen?

All it takes is one, small, slippery area -- which is not that uncommon in a grocery store -- for this guy and his scooter to slip, fall and get hurt.

So one other quick note: the grocery store I stopped at was out on the island in Lavallette. As much as it is getting warmer, we are still technically in the "off season" so he was able to get away with it now.

But....give it another three weeks and that same grocery store will be a MAD HOUSE where that same scooter tactic could result in getting himself, other customers or even staff hurt or in an awkward pickle.

I know I sound like such a fuddy duddy with this post but once I saw him, my first immediate thought was: "Well, that's not going to end well."

Do you agree?

Stay safe out there. T-minus THREE WEEKS until Memorial Day weekend.

Did you spot something at the Jersey Shore that you think is out of place? Raises concern? Should be addressed?

Email me at You can also call the 94.3 The Point studio hotline at (732) 643-0943.

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