If you have ever seen the hit ABC show Shark Tank, you know that it is a high-anxiety, high stress situation.

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Here's the basic premise: entrepreneurs present their inventions to the "sharks" who will hopefully invest to get their business off the ground.


The sharks vary from episode to episode and even feature celebrity guests.

Well two born & raised New Jersey folks appeared on Shark Tank and had a pretty good turn out! (FYI: Season 13, Episode 16)

Introducing Greg Besner & Leslie Hsu: inventors and co-owners of the Sunflow Beach Chair.


Spoiler alert: Greg and Leslie got a $1,000,000 investment!

I was very lucky to chat with Greg & Leslie about the best beach chair out there and what it was like to appear on the show!


We also got our hands on some photos of Greg & Leslie on the set of ABC's Shark Tank in case you didn't see the episode!

Video production & editing was done by Mario Forcellati!

Let's take a look:

  • 1

    What is the Sunflow Beach Chair?

  • 2

    Is Sunflow Coming to the Jersey Shore?

  • 3

    Can You Afford the Sunflow Beach Chair?

  • 4

    What Was It Like To Be On Shark Tank?

  • 5

    What is Next for Sunflow?

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